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2D realistic Mockup creationUpdated 5 months ago

In this case, we are going to create a realistic mockup of a Crewneck Sweater, but the same steps can be applied to other products.

Mockup bases Download link:
Blank Mockup files

Follow these steps carefully:

  1. Open the attached file in Photoshop

  2. Select one of the layer groups that are more convenient for your design (Lighter base or Darker base). You can hide the one that you are not going to use.

  3. Inside the group, you will find Smart object layers for each part of the sweater. Trims, Inside Neck, Front and Sleeves. Double-click on the Smart object to open it and edit it.

  4. Once you open the Smart object of the Front for example, you can add a color base using the Paint bucket tool, and then add your design. 

  5. Once you finished your design, press CTRL+S or File>Save to save the design.
  6. Go back to the window of your mockup and you will see your design was applied to the front panel.

  7. Do the same process for Sleeves, Trim and Inside neck smart objects to add color or design to complete the mockup.

  8. Once it is done your design will be completed and ready to export.

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