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What are jacquard knitting and its design considerations?Updated 4 months ago

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Jacquard knitting is a fascinating technique that enables designers to effortlessly incorporate patterns directly into the fabric of the garment.  This intricate method allows precise control over colors and structures, resulting in stunning and detailed patterns.

Compared to methods like screen printing, jacquard knitting provides a heightened sense of luxury and comfort.
Here are 5 key design considerations influenced by the jacquard knitting structure:

  1. No more than 4 colors:
    While our products are crafted within a 4-color palette, your creative possibilities are boundless. You'll be amazed by the vibrant designs you can achieve.
  2. Wide selection of yarn colors: 
    Choose from our collection of 36 vibrant and versatile yarn colors to bring your design to life.

  3. 1 pixel, 1 knitted loop:
    Each pixel in our design template represents a meticulously knitted loop, offering a true-to-life visualization of your design on the final product. Once your design is ready, utilize the Knitwise Format Checker tool to preview how it will appear on the finished product. 
  4. Opt for darker base colors:
    Jacquard knitting creates a tightly bound structure, making darker base colors more visually appealing and less prone to distortion or light color showing through at seams.
  5. Contrasting trim areas:
    Add a vibrant touch to your design by using the rib structure of the trim areas to create striking color contrasts and accentuate key details.


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