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Design for multiple sizesUpdated 3 months ago

Tips to avoid Re-indexing your design for other template sizes.

In this article, we are going to show you how to replicate an already indexed artwork into a different size, so the indexing process doesn't have to be done from scratch again.

Here are three important matters to take into account when doing this process:

1. Never scale your already indexed artwork or the indexation will be lost. 

2. We recommend you start creating your design with the largest size to avoid blank space issues when moving your design from a smaller template to a larger one. 

3. This technique may not be suitable for very different sizes (Too big and too small). We recommend applying this for closer sizes only.

Example 1
Simple design: Centered artwork like a logo:

Important Note: Ensure proper sizing by potentially re-indexing artwork for significant size differences from the original file. For instance, artwork sized for L might be oversized for 2XS. Always reference the 3D preview to gauge and avoid unintended outcomes when pasting artwork onto different sizes.

Example 2

Complex design: All-over artwork like for example a Christmas Pattern:

Important Note: To ensure a complete replication in a larger size, replicate pattern elements to fill blank spaces when copying artwork from a smaller panel. Creating the original design in the larger size is recommended for a seamless fit.

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