Knitwise Design Tutorial 2024 logo
Knitwise Design Tutorial 2024 logo

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Creating designs on Knitwise design template

Step 1: Understand design best practices

Follow these steps to install the Knitwise pixel brush:. Keep in mind that our product only supports up to 4 colors in the design. While working with our template, it's best to avoid using images with many very different colors.  If you're using an e

Step 2: Design using the Knitwise template

Before beginning the design instructions, click here to view the guidelines for creating a product template in our app, downloading the template files, and uploading your design files upon completion. Here are two common methods for designing our tem

Step 3: Save design in the right format

Once you’re happy with your design, it’s time to save it in a specific format that the knitting factory can use. Note: 1. When indexing, make sure all the colors present in the image (excluding colors from Factory Layer) match the colors from the Kni

Step 4: Check design's format for manufacturability

After you save your design in the appropriate BMP format, confirm the format by running it through Knitwise Format Checker. How to use Knitwise Format Checker. Here is a tutorial video to follow. See example:. Here is what each field means:

Step 5: Resolve format errors as they arise

Here are some typical mistakes and how to avoid them:.

Special tutorial: Create pet portraits using Knitwise template

Here is a video guide to help you design a custom pet sweater:Helpful Tips. Examples of Successful Pet Portraits.

Special tutorial: Design on the Knitwise template using your Logo

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a design on our templates using your logo on it!. Important Note: If you drag and drop your logo into the template as a PNG or JPG image, make sure you rasterize the layer first and then convert it again

Special tutorial: Design on the Knitwise template with more than one imported element

In this tutorial, you will learn how to design on the Knitwise template using more than one element that can be copied and pasted from Illustrator or even imported as an image like PNG. Important Note: If you drag and drop your images into the templa

Special tutorial: Recolor a design file

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create another color option for your design file. It's very simple! Watch this tutorial video and follow the step-by-step guidance:Feel free to pause or replay again if needed

Design for multiple sizes

Tips to avoid Re-indexing your design for other template sizes. In this article, we are going to show you how to replicate an already indexed artwork into a different size, so the indexing process doesn't have to be done from scratch again. Here are