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Download the Knitwise design template and Knitwise Color PaletteUpdated 5 months ago

Download the Knitwise templates:

In the Knitwise App, you'll find the Knitwise template for each product style. To download the templates in different sizes, simply click the "Download Template" button within the product template (see the image below). 

If you notice that the template is missing for certain sizes, feel free to contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

Download the Knitwise Color Palette:

Here are a total of 36 available yarn colors, each represented by one color swatch. To begin your design using the right colors, you should import the Knitwise Color Palette

Follow these steps to install them:

  1. Download the supplied Knitwise Color Palette file. 
  2. In Photoshop, (make sure you have at least one document open) open the Swatches panel menu.
  3. Select “Import Swatches” and go to the folder where you downloaded the Knitwise Color Palette file.
  4. Double-click on the file to import it.
  5. The newly imported swatches (Knitwise Color Palette) will appear in your Swatches panel. 

Note: Depending on your setup, you can also try simply double-clicking on the .aco file and Photoshop will automatically open it. 

Here is the tutorial video:

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