Knitwise Design Tutorial 2024 logo
Knitwise Design Tutorial 2024 logo

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Knitwise design templates introduction

Rules of Knitwise template

In this tutorial, you'll grasp the fundamental rules of the Knitwise template, covering 1) its structure, 2) pixel aspect ratio. Structure. Every product style has its unique template, but the template structure maintains along all product styles. He

Design placement & sizing on Knitwise templates

To ensure your design's placement and size translate accurately from 2D templates to 3D knitted products, follow these 3 steps:. Step 1: Learn 3 design tips before you start. 1. Understand the panel connections in the Knitwise template. 2. Pattern al

Download the Knitwise design template and Knitwise Color Palette

Download the Knitwise templates:. In the Knitwise App, you'll find the Knitwise template for each product style. To download the templates in different sizes, simply click the "Download Template" button within the product template (see the image belo