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Special tutorial: Create pet portraits using Knitwise templateUpdated 3 months ago

Here is a video guide to help you design a custom pet sweater:

Helpful Tips

  • 1. Picking a photo
    Examples of Good Photos:
    What to avoid when picking a photo
  • Avoid any photo obtained by photographing a screen.
  • Avoid retouched, filtered or heavily processed photos.
  • Avoid including very colorful accessories (like colorful hats, clothes with patterns, food).
  • Avoid photos where the background of the same color as pet.
  • Avoid retouched, filtered or heavily processed photos.

  • 2. Lighting
  • Natural light is best.
  • Avoid strong direct light.
  • Avoid photos where shadow cover your pet.

  • 3. Framing
  • The entire pet should be in the frame: the paws, ears, tail or any other part should be visible. 
  • Avoid Photos where anything is getting in the way of seeing your pet clearly. For example, the pet should not be hiding behind a chair, or swimming in a pool. This also includes pet being held by somebody. 
  • Avoid awkward angles, for example when the photo is taken directly from above the pet. 
  • Avoid situations where the pet is too far away from the camera.

Examples of Successful Pet Portraits

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