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Step 4: Check design's format for manufacturabilityUpdated 3 months ago

After you save your design in the appropriate BMP format, confirm the format by running it through Knitwise Format Checker.

How to use Knitwise Format Checker 

Here is a tutorial video to follow.

  • Step 1: Select the appropriate settings. 

    On the top of the Format Checker page, select an option for different fields related to the file we want to check.

See example:

Here is what each field means:

  • Style: The type of product: Blanket, Pillow Case, Crewneck Classic Fit, etc
  • Size Category: Choose "Unisex" for clothing items and keep the default setting for accessories such as beanies, blankets, pillowcases, and more.
  • Size: Refers to preset dimensions for each product. For example, Unisex clothing can have any size between 3XS through 3XL. Scarves and Beanies are available in only one size.
  • Automation type: Choose “whole_body”.
  • Artwork: This is where you upload your file. 

  • Step 2: Choose the file.

    Click on the “Choose file” button and upload your bmp file. (You can also drag and drop the file if you prefer).

  • Step 3: Check the file.

    Click on the “Check and Simulate” button and then a report and 3D simulation will appear.
    The 3D simulation will be situated on the left. Below the 3D simulation, you will see the results. 
  • You can rotate, zoom in, or out to get a full preview of the 3D simulation using mouse controls. 
  • If the file was not saved correctly, the Format Checker will show you possible causes of errors. Below is an example. If this happens, 
    1) Pplease refer to Step 3: Save design in the right format to prepare the file in the correct format and try reuploading it again. 
    2) Refer to Step 5: Resolve format errors as they arise to troubleshoot the issues. 
    3) Email [email protected] for additional support. 
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